New condom innovation to boost erections and sales
20th April 2011
The researchers at UK pharmaceutical group, Futura Medical, are the brains behind the latest innovation in the competeitive condom market, which if successfully approved, should provide a massive boost to the sex life of men everywhere as well as the sales of consumer goods powerhouse Reckitt Benckiser. The new erection-enhancing condom, CSD500, contains a pharmacological dose of a gel named Zanifil® within the teat of the condom. This is delivered to the penis where it increases blood flow resulting in increased firmness, increased penile size and longer duration of an erection. In a double blind clinical trial comparing CSD500 against a standard condom, out of those who stated a preference, a significant proportion of both men and women reported improvements in the firmness of the man’s erection and increased penis size, while a significant proportion of women reported a longer lasting sexual experience with CSD500. The commercial potential of CSD500 is obvious with 1 in 10 men in the world having erectile dysfunction. However, CSD500 differs from erectile dysfunction drugs like Viagra because it is specifically aimed at men who struggle to maintain an erection whilst wearing a condom. It has been developed as a Condom Safety Device and thus if given regulatory approval, it will because it encourages men to use protection and consequently helps to curb the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. As a medical device, CSD500 also has the appeal of not requiring a doctors prescription and being available off the shelf. Futura Medical have a global distribution agreement for CSD500 with the world's largest branded condom manufacturer and distributor, Reckitt Benckiser Group plc, who acquired SSL International in 2010 thus adding Durex to their list of Powerbrands. Durex is the world’s biggest condom brand although not in the U.S., the world’s largest market. If European approval is secured, Reckitt could pursue the U.S. market where CSD500’s innovation, patents and clinically proven claims would present them with the opportunity to achieve significant growth and market share.