MHRA takes part in international operation to tackle illegal Internet medicines
18th November 2008
The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has led an international operation in conjunction with INTERPOL and eight regulatory agencies worldwide to tackle the illegal sale and supply of medicines sold over the Internet. According to the press release, MHRA investigators carried out co-ordinated visits to a number of UK premises believed to be connected with Internet sites illegally selling and supplying unlicensed or prescription-only medicines. Danny Lee-Frost, Head of Operations at the MHRA said, “People can be at considerable risk if they buy medicines from illegal websites. A medicine bought in this way has no guarantee that it is safe or that it is effective and can in fact be harmful. Yesterday’s operation demonstrates our continued commitment to safeguard public health and highlights the leading role we play internationally in getting our European and international counterparts to tackle this global issue on the same day as us. Our action in the UK should serve as a stark warning to those who are engaged in any way with supplying medicines illegally. Our messages are simple – do not buy prescription-only medicines over the internet without a prescription and if you are illegally selling or supplying medicines, we will use all appropriate measures available to stop you, including prosecution and confiscation.”