Man gets caught trying to import eleven thousand fake tablets into Latvia
28th September 2011
After two weeks of complex operations by the National Latvian Police they unfortunately failed in arresting a man who imported eleven thousand fake Viagra & Cialis tablets from London into the Latvia. However the 22 year old had realised the police were chasing him and dumped his stash. He has now been detained for trying to import the counterfeit tablets from London which he had planned to sell without a prescription which is illegal. There are numerous amounts of illegal pharmacy style websites online selling counterfeit Viagra and Cialis, which are sold without a prescription in pubs and clubs throughout Europe for around five Euros per tablet. It is now on a case by case criminal proceeding, and the 22 year old man is being threatened with imprisonment for up to two years including forced labour or a fine of up to 150 minimum months worth of salary. For anyone trying to buy prescription medication such as Viagra and Cialis online always make sure the company is a registered pharmacy and displays their pharmacy logo and number on their website. As reported in the Latvian newspaper