Hard Luck for Prison Inmate as Dodgy Pill Gives Him 91 Hour Erection
19th October 2017
Erectile dysfunction (ED) medication like Viagra and Levitra are generally known to have a beneficial effect for the man for up to around 5 hours after taking (up to 36 hours for Cialis), which is more than enough time for enjoyment within the bedroom. However, what do you do when you are in a prison cell and feeling the impact of an erection that seemingly won’t go away?...Try 91 hours. It is not said that the prisoner had even taken licensed ED medication such as Viagra, and the prisoner’s plight is certainly no laughing matter, undoubtedly causing extreme discomfort. However, perhaps someone should have told jail staff that this wasn’t a funny situation to be in as the prisoner in question – 32-year-old Dustin Lance – has launched legal action against prison officials in Pittsburg County, Oklahoma regarding the unfortunate occurrence back in December 2016. We are unsure why any inmate would take a random pill of anything handed to him by another inmate, let alone one he may or may not have been led to believe would boost his erections (was he expecting a conjugal visit?), but he says the constant erection has led to him being left with permanent injuries. In addition to being left with permanent injuries, he alleges he was mocked for his efforts by the prison staff after informing them of his tricky predicament and then apparently offered little in the way of medical help to subside the erection. Finally after 4 days of pain and little pleasure by all accounts, the staff maybe realised leaving someone in pain who was in their care was negligent and transported Lance over to McAlester Regional Hospital, where doctors delivered the bad news that they could not do anything to alleviate his problem. According to the lawsuit, it gets worse however. The prison workers are then said to have totally disregarded the hospital’s insistence on transferring the patient to a urologist immediately, but instead carted Lance back to prison. Luckily for Lance, a judge showed him the degree of mercy not given by those at the prison and ordered for him to temporarily be released ‘due to medical issues’. The lawsuit states: “Any person that watches television has almost certainly seen Viagra or Cialis advertisements which tell people to see a doctor for an erection lasting four or more hours. “Plaintiff’s erection lasted at a minimum of 91 hours.” Lance is demanding a whopping $5 million (£3.8 million) in damages. County officials have now filed a motion looking to dismiss the lawsuit on the grounds of that it is improperly being brought by a dead person. Jon Williford, Lance’s attorney, told Tulsa World that Lance is very much alive, even though the lawsuit bizarrely makes two references to his death. For those wondering how he ended up in prison to begin with, Lance was arrested on suspicion of burglary and possession of controlled dangerous substances. The burglary case was dropped eventually, but he faced a charge of breaking and entering a dwelling without permission.