Generic Tadalafil Demand Soars at Medical Specialists® in the Run Up to Christmas
21st December 2017
tadalafilFor those unaware, last month the patent on the insanely-popular erectile dysfunction (ED) medication Cialis expired, some 14 years after Cialis first entered the market and gave Pfizer’s Viagra some stiff competition. What this meant was other pharmaceutical companies could manufacture their own male impotence treatment containing Tadalafil, Cialis’ primary active ingredient. However, these medications, known as ‘generic Tadalafil’ or ‘generic Cialis’, must be medically the same as the branded equivalent – Eli Lilly’s Cialis. As what usually happens when a branded drug loses its patent, there has been a huge demand for the generic version of Cialis – Tadalafil. This could be mainly due to the price as generics are usually priced at a fraction of the cost of the more established branded version of that generic. Medical Specialists® faced a steady demand of the generic Tadalafil initially upon its release in November, but in the run up to Christmas especially, this has dramatically changed, and demand has skyrocketed! Some patients who were previously prescribed Cialis for erectile dysfunction are now opting to try the much cheaper Tadalafil, while countless new patients with ED are coming to us and requesting Tadalafil. Besides the remarkably low cost to patients for generic Tadalafil, one major advantageous factor of the treatment compared to say Viagra and Levitra, is the opportunity for spontaneity when it comes to sex. Whereas Viagra and Levitra are generally effective to combat ED for around 4-5 hours after taking, Cialis and its generic versions can be effective for up to a whopping 36 hours and have resulted in the infamous moniker “the weekender”. Therefore, men can relax a little bit more perhaps with Tadalafil, and if things get a little hot and heavy over Christmas, know that sexual activity will not have to be planned out to some degree by timing things and taking a pill 1 hour before sex. Managing Director of Medical Specialists® Pharmacy, David Bailey, said: “We have thousands of men coming to us each and every year for help in treating erectile dysfunction, but even we are astounded by the response we have had since launching the generic Tadalafil shortly after its UK release date last month. “We were initially unsure of what the response would be to the generic version of Cialis, especially as Eli Lilly’s Cialis is a long-standing and much popular treatment for erectile dysfunction. “Patient demand has been high and recently before Christmas it has gone through the roof, but we are managing to satisfy all our patients and are proud of our patient-oriented service, which is reflected in our impressive Trustpilot reviews.” David added: “We hope going forward that the many new patients we have attracted are happy with the service we provide and remain with Medical Specialists® into 2018 and beyond.”