Euro MEP's can claim for erectile dysfunction drugs free
10th August 2010

EURO MEPs can claim for Viagra on their health insurance – and the bill, the taxpayer has to pick up.

All Brussels officials and politicians can get the erectile dysfunction medication for free if needed and they can even claim for methadone under the European Commission scheme. Other free options include penis implants, the UK Independence Party discovered. Marta Andreasen, an MEP for the party, said: "It is utterly bonkers what British taxpayers are funding for Eurocrats. "Surely if they want these things, they should be able to pay themselves. It is a total waste of taxpayers' cash." Official guidelines for claims reads: "Treatments with Viagra will from now on be reimbursable." The document also says the cost of drugs used during withdrawal treatment for addicts should be reimbursed in full. It adds: "These products qualify for a special reimbursement at the rate of 100 per cent for a maximum of six months." Last year it was revealed MEPs receive public funding for massages and feng shui. Other perks which qualify include mud baths, hydromassage and mild electric shock treatment. The TaxPayers' Alliance last night blasted the wasteful perks in Brussels. Spokesman Matthew Sinclair said: "Taxpayers expect to see their money spent on providing essential services, not Viagra. The Government should insist on a better deal from Brussels."