Erectile Dysfunction in men can be caused by the pressure of trying for a baby
22nd May 2012
Recent findings, published in the Journal of Andrology, show that the pressures men are under when a couple are trying for a baby, can lead to stress, impotence and even adultery. Over 400 males were involved in the study and were analysed by urologists and fertility experts over a six month period. All subjects had partners adopting strict ‘timed intercourse’ patterns to try and fall pregnant. Sexual behaviour and any possible sexual dysfunction were studied over the six months. None of the males within the study had encountered any episodes of erectile dysfunction prior to this. Experts usually advise couples to time their sex to when the woman is ovulating. Certain devices can even help to pinpoint the exact minutes when the female is at her most fertile. However, the South Korean researchers responsible for the study argue that not enough investigation has been carried out looking at the psychological and behavioural impact on men when a couple are trying for a baby. They further advise that attempted timed sessions should be performed for no longer than three months at a time. Some of the results from the study are quite alarming and support the worries of the researchers. It was found that after six months of the timed intercourse; at least four out of ten men had experienced erectile dysfunction, with one in ten actually committing adultery due to their partner’s demands. In addition, many claimed that they would actually attempt to avoid having sex with their partner during the specific time of ovulation when sex would be advised. The authors of the study have commented on their findings and said, “Stress incurred by the thought of obligatory coitus, or compulsory sexual behaviour, causes sexual dysfunction in men facing timed intercourse. It imposes a great deal of stress on men, evoking erectile dysfunction, and in some cases, causing these men to seek extramarital sex”. The authors claim that during this six month period, the men’s bodies were producing higher levels of the stress hormone, ‘cortisol’, and this was responsible for lower levels of testosterone. They further added that being forced to have sex with their partner at a precise time ‘becomes a burden and is carried out as a job to be done, which imposes further stress’. If you are a male, in the process of trying for a baby with your partner and experiencing erectile dysfunction problems, Medical Specialists Pharmacy can help you.  We provide our patients with only genuine branded erectile dysfunction medication, available with or without a prescription. The medications we offer are Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and Levitra ODT after an online consultation.