Counterfeiters beware! Clever ‘CD3’ device can spot fake drugs
14th September 2012
Medical Specialists Pharmacy is one of the leading companies in the global fight against the huge problem of counterfeit drugs. It leaves us incredibly angry to know that there are still scheming crooks active all over the world that are looking to make a quick profit against the well-being and safety of innocent people. Unlike us, these types of criminals have absolutely no regards for the health of the unsuspecting public who are purchasing the cheaper knock-offs. Many counterfeit drugs contain little or none of the active ingredient, or may even contain dangerous chemicals that can quite easily result in death or permanent disability. Therefore today it brings us huge delight today to be the bearer of some positive news in the crackdown on fake drugs, and we hope it will eventually lead to the shutting down of the many illegal ‘pharmacy’ websites that are plaguing the internet. On Monday The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) unveiled a high-tech, cutting edge device that has been specifically designed to spot fake drugs. The intelligent device has been given the name ‘Counterfeit Detection Device No. 3’ (CD3). The small, grey-coloured hand-held device is a complex LED battery-operated machine that is capable of emitting 10 different wavelengths of light such as ultraviolet. In addition, infrared can be activated and used on any medication capsule, tablet, powder and even on the inks, covert markings and paper on a medication’s packaging. Basically, if a particularly product has been altered with in any way such as being re-sealed, re-labelled, or re-glued, inspectors will be able to find it before it gets into the hands of somebody and they ingest the dangerous fake drug. The device has already been implemented in the U.S. at certain border crossings, import centres, as well as at 50 FDA field laboratories. It's also used in some international mailing centres including those in Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco. In addition, officials are using the CD3 at other potential places of entry for things such as unapproved drugs, cosmetics, cigarettes and medical devices. Earlier this week FDA Commissioner Dr. Margaret Hamburg raved about the revolutionary CD3, saying, “This device was designed in-house by FDA scientists in response to the needs for screening in the field. It is low cost compared to other analytical devices, operates with batteries, and requires minimal training to use. It allows for 'real time' comparisons with authentic drugs - and has already proven useful for identifying counterfeit drugs at our busy international mail facilities.” Dr. Hamburg continued, “Given the scope of the problem and the potential threat to public health, the FDA has made counterfeit and adulterated drugs a top priority. American consumers have every right to expect that the medicines they rely on are exactly what the package and label say they are. In total, some 300,000 foreign facilities spread across 150 countries are sending FDA-regulated products to our shores. And, these products now account for approximately 11% of all U.S. imports.” The CD3 has so far been used to scan for almost 100 counterfeit drugs, including rip-offs of genuine medications that Medical Specialists provide such as Viagra, Crestor, Lipitor and Tamiflu. Also, fake versions of Singulair, Oxycontin, Plavix and Wellbutrin have been discovered by officials, luckily before any potentially fatal public consumption. You do not need to worry about dangerous fakes when dealing with Medical Specialists Pharmacy. Established in 1994 and becoming the UK’s first legal online clinic in 2001, we are fully registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) and also a member of the National Pharmacy Association (NPA). Our team of Doctors are registered with the General Medical Council (GMC) and our Pharmacists are registered with the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain (RPSGB).