Counterfeit condoms seized in Russia, policeman rejects bribe
20th September 2013
counterfeit condomsOn Tuesday members of a southern Russian police force confirmed they had apprehended a male in connection with the sale of counterfeit condoms and the subsequent attempt – and failure – to bribe a police official. Rostov Region police released a statement saying: “The police learned that the man was selling a well-known brand of condoms wholesale online. Finding that the salesman was not connected to the production company, police officers carried out a test purchase by ordering 15,000 items.” The suspect apprehended in police custody had initially personally delivered the counterfeit condoms on a truck from the Ukraine, and was arrested as he attempted to load the condoms onto another vehicle. The statement also revealed that on the very same day the man was detained, he had tried to bribe a policeman with 40,000 rubles ($1,237) for ‘looking the other way’ and not seizing the counterfeit condoms. Unfortunately for the counterfeiter, the policeman did the correct thing and followed protocol, reporting the attempted bribe to his superiors. With the prevention of the fake condoms making their way to the unsuspecting public, the cargo was seized and police are expected to begin a criminal case on attempted bribery charges. However, what is unclear from the statement released by the police, is the actual danger that counterfeit condoms can pose. None of the counterfeit condoms are properly sterilised and their quality is almost always so substandard that they can easily rupture during use and thus cannot protect against sexually transmitted infections or even act as a viable contraception method. Governmental agency has seen an alarming rise in the circulation of counterfeit condoms and have even enlisted the help of specially trained sniffer dogs who have assisted in a series of raids as the MHRA look to crackdown on the production and sale of the poor quality condoms. The practice is said to cost the UK up to around £400 million in lost tax, additional healthcare and welfare. Your sexual health should never be compromised and all contraception such as condoms should only be obtained from a trusted and reputable source such as Medical Specialists Pharmacy. Coincidentally, it is actually still Sexual Health Week (running up to the 22nd) and to support the week and raise awareness, Medical Specialists have been giving away 1,000s of free condoms this week with all sexual health products. Whether this be Viagra, Cialis, Azithromycin, or a Clamelle chlamydia test kit, you will receive free Skins condoms! In addition, during Sexual Health Week we are running a fantastic promotion on Durex Performa condoms,  slashing the price of a pack of individually wrapped 72 Durex Performa condoms by half…yes half! These can be yours today for the rock bottom price of just £30!