"Change4Life" compaign to target obesity starts in the UK
6th January 2009
The UK government has officially launched an anti-obesity campaign to tackle UK's rising obesity rates. The advertising campaign is named "Change4Life" and it will be supported by television and press as well. According to the Department of Health, the campaign aims to “kick-start a lifestyle revolution for every family” by helping them understand the consequences of a poor diet and inactive lifestyle. It follows the largest UK study into obesity – published last year – which warned that 90% of today's children will be overweight or obese by 2050 if no action is taken to address the problem. Public health minister Dawn Primarolo said: 'We want families to engage with the campaign and understand that obesity is not someone else's problem – it's all of our problem.' "Change for Life" campaign will use a series of adverts on television, billboards and magazine advertising to warn families that too much body fat can lead to cancer, heart disease and diabetes. People will be encouraged to visit “Change4Life” website for related information. Additionally, a helpline will be made available to the people where they can call or seek advice on healthy eating and fitness regime. Healthcare professionals who want to get involved in the campaign should register at the change4life web site.