Are diet soft drinks really less Fattening
8th July 2011
Research has shown drinking diet soft drinks may actually cause weight gain rather than help with weight loss. A study found that there was a 70 per cent increase in waist measurement on those people that drank diet soft drink compared to those that didn’t. Research from the university of Texas health and science centre tracked 474 women and men all aged 65 to 74. As a group those people drinking diet soft drinks had a 70 per cent greater increase in waist circumference compared to those who didn’t drink any at all. Those who drank two or more diet soft drinks a day had a 500 per cent increase in waist circumference compared to those who did not drink any. A major risk factor for diabetes, cancer, heart disease and chronic health conditions is abdominal fat. After looking into other factors which contribute to weight gain e.g. age, physical activity and smokers there results of this study were found to be true. A quote from Professor Helen Hazuda said “Data from this study and others suggest that healthier promotions such as diet drinks and artificial sweeteners may be ill advised” For further information on weight loss please visit our Xenical and Alli pages