Are Diet Pills An Easy Option?
24th May 2011
Statistics recently issued show a significant increase in overweight men and women resorting to diet pills, in a bid to lose their excess weight. Due to obesity rising from 7% of adults in 1980 to 23% in 2009 doctors are issuing up to 15 million prescriptions a year for diet drugs. After findings of various side effects caused by the different drugs that were available many have now been withdrawn from the market, leaving Xenical as the only anti-obesity drug that is available on prescription. It is feared that doctors are issuing the drugs as a quick fix instead of focusing on healthy eating and exercise, this is strongly argued by doctors that issuing an anti-obesity drug is a last resort to overweight adults when a change of diet and lifestyle has failed. Usage of Xenical does allow the taker to lose weight at a greater rate than simply through exercise and healthy living, however, it is important to stress that to have a positive impact on weight loss patients must adopt healthier eating habits and undertake exercise. This should lead to long term weight loss and also help to reduce some of the possible side effects such as bowel movement problems.