All You Need is Love!
8th February 2017
happy coupleMedical Specialists® Pharmacy are sure all of our readers are aware that February 14th is Valentine’s Day and synonymous with numerous things…Gifts, flowers, chocolates to name just a few romantic gestures. However, did anybody know that the same date is also National Condom Day? Originating from an AIDS support group in America during the late 1980’s, it is no coincidence that February 14th was chosen. Those behind the day believed that Valentine's Day was an ideal choice with regards to promoting condom use and educating people about the importance of practicing safe sex. Perhaps it is wise to take heed of the warning and think about your sexual health not just on Valentine’s Day but for beyond it too. In 2016 Public Health England released damning statistics showing increases in the diagnoses of syphilis and gonorrhoea in England, along with continuing high levels of other sexually transmitted infections (STIs). The figures suggested that cases of syphilis had shot up by 76% between 2012 and 2015, with gonorrhoea cases rising 53%. Between just 2014 and 2015 alone, there were 20% more syphilis cases and gonorrhoea cases went up by 11%. The statistics showed a continuing trend of alarmingly high rates of STIs among young adults and gay men, resulting in PHE officials to stress the absolute importance for people with new, or casual, sexual partners to undergo regular STI tests and to stop the trend of high levels of “condom-less sex”. Indeed it would seem sex and Valentine’s Day are forever intertwined, so a concern for safe sex on the most passionate-filled day of the year is fully justified. Past research  has even demonstrated that in the week leading up to Valentine’s Day, more prescriptions written for Viagra compared to any other point in the year. Commenting back in 2011 on the aforementioned research published by NBC, leading urologist Dr. Irwin Goldstein joked “It’s not Valentine’s Day, its Viagra Day”, adding “Valentine’s Day is the one day in the 365-day calendar where interest in intimacy and romance is memorialized.” Dr. Goldstein commented that there is nothing wrong with men wanting a little extra oomph to boost theirs and their partner’s Valentine’s Day, “We finally have safe and simple oral pills to improve sexual function,” he raved. Medical Specialists® Pharmacy have definitely experienced a recent huge spike in Viagra sales in the run up to Valentine’s Day, together with an increase in requests for other erectile dysfunction medication such as Cialis and Levitra. We are delighted that more and more men are coming to us seeking help with their erectile dysfunction and not suffering in silence. If Valentine’s Day has prompted men who might have previously not sought treatment to actually speak up and seek our help, then we are happy with that. Let’s be honest, the majority of us do get emailed with obvious spam regarding the subject of sex and/or treatments for sexual dysfunction of any kind, and it’s become a bit of a joke with mates. However, for a lot of men it is a major problem that can cause severe distress, depression, and even result in problems in their relationships. For some, the pressures of ‘performing’ so to speak – especially on Valentine’s Day – can further exacerbate the issue of erectile dysfunction. Therefore, take some of the pressure away with the help of the Medical Specialists® Pharmacy web site. Our patients can rest assure that they are dealing with a legally registered Pharmacy with GMC-registered Doctors, and know that they are receiving UK-manufactured genuine medication and not some cheap and ineffective counterfeit.