28,000 suspected counterfeit Erectile Dysfunction drugs seized in raids across the country
23rd February 2012
Two men have been arrested in connection with the dealing of counterfeit drugs, as part of ‘Operation Fitzroy’, a cooperation between the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and Leicestershire Police. An MHRA enforcement team descended onto properties in Loughborough, on Albert Street and Moor Lane. As part of the same operation, Metropolitan Police also raided a home in Frazier Street, south east London. Within these three properties, fake erectile dysfunction drugs with an approximated value of £140,000 were confiscated, which amazingly included roughly 28,000 tablets. The MHRA are currently awaiting on test results but they believe about 6,000 of these tablets are fake Cialis pills. ‘Cialis’ tablets are manufactured by Eli Lily, and along with Bayer’s ‘Levitra’, is one of the main rivals in the increasingly competitive erectile dysfunction market. The head of operations at MHRA, Danny Lee-Frost, commented on the latest haul of counterfeit drugs: “These raids demonstrate the MHRA’s commitment to finding those attempting to deal with falsified medicines and send a very clear message that those responsible will not benefit from their criminality.” He further added, “It is the role of the MHRA to ensure the public have access to acceptably safe medicines and this action has prevented potentially unsafe medicines from reaching the public.” If you were to purchase counterfeit goods such as a fake watch or trainers, the worst that may happen is that they break or damage after a short time period and you are out of money. Taking counterfeit ‘medicine’ on the other hand can have serious consequences on your health, and even your life. For starters, you simply do not know what is inside the tablet. It could be talcum powder, blue printer ink, and such toxic ingredients like boric acid, floor wax, brick dust, and road paint! Remarkably, all of these compounds have been found inside various counterfeit Viagra tablets at some stage. We can assure you of security, confidentiality, and peace of mind at Medical Specialists Pharmacy. We provide our patients with genuine branded medication only, available with or without a prescription, or browse our chemist shop for a wide range of other products such as condoms and weight loss medication. We now offer even lower prices on Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Retin-A Gel, Dianette, and much more.