The Plan to Make England Smokefree by 2030

no smokingThe UK Government published its vision to put “prevention at the heart of our nation’s health”, recognising the importance of preventing cancer amongst other long-term health conditions. Smoking causes nearly 1 in 5 cancer cases and more than 1 in 4 cancer deaths each year in the UK and when it comes to tackling smoking, the plan to make England smokefree by 2030 is bold.

The Department of Health and Social Care put a successful ban on smoking inside restaurants and other public places in 2007 and the introduction of plain packaging on cigarettes and tobacco in 2016 means we now have one of the lowest smoking rates in Europe, with fewer than 1 in 6 adults smoking.

Although not completely risk free, e-cigarettes are considered much less harmful than conventional cigarettes since they do not involve combustion. It is estimated that some 22,000 to 57,000 smokers in England ditch cigarettes for a vape pen every year and the NHS is considering prescribing them to those wishing to quit smoking.

Medical Specialists provide help to those who want to quit smoking all together with Champix, a non-nicotine prescription medicine. With the Government planning to make England Smokefree by 2030, we are receiving even more demand for this popular smoking cessation as it both reduces the urge to smoke and relieves withdrawal symptoms, helping our patients to finally quit smoking.

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