I’m a Celeb…Give Me More Hair!

hair transplantA growing number of celebrity men are forking out thousands to restore their thinning thatch it seems, with recent reports of more famous faces to have paid huge sums of money to cover their hair loss.

Homes Under the Hammer presenter Martin Roberts and recent participant of I’m a Celebrity, has joined the increasing list of men to pay for such a procedure. The 53 year-old television presenter has followed the likes of model Calum Best and ex-footballer Didi Hamann by visiting Dr Asim Shahmalak’s Crown Clinic in Manchester.

Roberts has paid around £6,000 to receive the same Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) procedure that England captain Wayne Rooney famously paid for in 2011 to try and combat his rapidly diminishing mane.

The I’m a Celeb star says he feels like a new man after the hair transplant, which he felt necessary in order to cover a bald spot on his crown which followed him around “like a halo”. In total, 4,200 hairs were painstakingly removed from the back of his scalp to cover up his crown.

Speaking before he went to Australia and into the jungle, the Homes Under the Hammer presenter commented “My crown looks pretty much like it did when I was a teenager. I have got all my hair back.”

He added: “Every time there was a shot of me from the back, you’d see this ‘thing’ – my balding spot. It was like a halo. I know I have not been getting any more saintly so there could only be one other reason – my hair was thinning quite quickly.

“There is a strong history of hair loss in my family, and I just didn’t like the idea of it getting any worse.”

Dr Shahmalak said: “Losing hair on his crown can shatter a man’s confidence. They don’t want to turn around in case people see their bald spot. Years ago, men would cover up a balding crown with a ‘comb over’ like the one Bobby Charlton had in the Seventies.

“Thankfully, things have moved on a lot since then – and there are simple steps men can take like a hair transplant to combat baldness.

“All men want to look good, but it is especially important when you are on TV like Martin. It’s why we get so many celebrities coming to the clinic. It feels great when I see people I have treated on TV and I know that I have transformed their lives. I am delighted Martin is so pleased with our work.”

It is not clear if the presenter actually tried other more inexpensive methods of slowing down his hair loss and possibly even stimulating hair growth. Roberts did not comment on if he has previously taken prescription medication Propecia (finasteride) or the even less costly over-the-counter treatment Regaine (minoxidil).

However, he is not the only celebrity to have recently undergone a hair transplant. Former world number one tennis star Rafa Nadal endured a gruelling ten-hour FUE procedure at a specialist clinic in Madrid, according to Spanish newspapers.

El Mundo claim Nadal had 4,500 hair follicles transplanted during the op. The 30 year-old achieved stardom in the early to mid-2000s, becoming the youngest person to reach the third round of Wimbledon in 2003, since Boris Becker back in 1984.

He was well-known for his thick head of hair and bandanas, which acted to tame his wild mane. However, he caused somewhat of a stir at the Australian Open party in January with a much noticeably thinner hairline around his central parting and plenty of visible scalp.

Current world number one Andy Murray is no stranger to hair loss concerns himself and has aimed a jibe at Nadal in the past with his tweet “who loses their hair first out of me and Rafa?”

The transplant is believed to have cost up to £7,700, but with an estimated career winnings of more than $78 million, it is mere pocket change for the Spaniard.

Unfortunately, the average person probably couldn’t afford to spend that much for an expensive hair transplant, so it may be worth considering inexpensive hair loss treatments like Propecia and Regaine to prevent further hair loss, and possibly see hair regrowth.

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