Unlicensed male impotence medicines seized in the UK

viagraOver the years, Medical Specialists® Pharmacy have reported countless instances of people being heavily prosecuted for their dealings with counterfeit drugs.

It is worth bearing in mind, counterfeiters are inevitably always tracked and traced by the relevant authorities and eventually punished with severe fines and long prison sentences.

Many countries’ governments are so fed up with the huge problem of dangerous fake medicines in circulation, that they are almost adopting a zero-tolerance policy and will not hesitate to imprison anyone for up to 10 years or more…Yet apparently this still doesn’t deter some people from trying to make money off the health of the unsuspecting public that buy these poorly-produced ‘medicines’.

One of the most commonly imitated type of drug is erectile dysfunction (ED) medications, i.e. Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, etc., prescribed to men suffering with impotence, and it has been reported that a large haul of ED drugs have been seized in the latest UK sting.

Almost £1 million worth of unlicensed erectile dysfunction medicines have been seized from a property in Datchet, Slough, resulting in the arrest of a 37-year-old male.

The as-yet unnamed 37-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of possession of an unauthorised medication, knowing or believing it would be supplied to another person, and has now been bailed until 10 February 2016.

MHRA Head of Operations, Danny Lee-Frost gave a warning for those thinking of trying to make money from counterfeit drugs, and explained the dangers present for those that take a counterfeited drug. He said:

“Selling unlicensed medicines is both illegal and poses a serious health hazard. Anyone thinking of committing this fraud should be under no illusions – we will come and find you.

“Criminals involved in the illegal supply of medical products aren’t interested in your health – they are only interested in your money.

“People should think very carefully before purchasing pills on the internet because you have no idea what you may be taking or where they come from. To protect your health, visit your GP, get a correct diagnosis and buy medicines from a legitimate high street or registered pharmacy which can trade online.

“Unlicensed medicines can be dangerous as they can contain impurities, wrong ingredients, and there is no way of knowing if they are manufactured to ensure acceptable standards of quality and safety.

“MHRA will continue to work with UK law enforcement agencies to crack down on those who put the public health at risk.”

Here at Medical Specialists® Pharmacy, we only supply genuine branded medication such as (Pfizer) Viagra, we only dispense medication after a patient has undergone a consultation with one of our fully registered GP’s, who will make sure the medication is both right and safe for you. In addition to that we are fully registered with the National Pharmacy Association and the General Pharmaceutical Council.

Medical Specialists® are fully aware that there are thousands of illegal websites plaguing the internet that offer ‘discounted’ and ‘genuine’ medicines. We speak to many patients who are clearly very reluctant to obtain medicines online. With this in mind, here are some important factors to be alert of when browsing through different websites:

. No requirement of a doctors’ consultation for prescription medication.

. Long delivery times, sometimes up to several weeks. This is due to the drug being imported from a foreign country before it gets to you.

. The price of the medication is a lot cheaper than what would be expected, sometimes by as much as 70%.

. The website does not list any contact details, e.g. a telephone and fax number, email address, company address or details of its pharmacists, doctors, etc.

. A registered Pharmacy such as Medical Specialists® Pharmacy will have the GPhC green cross logo together with its Pharmacy number. This number can be checked to see if it does actually exist.

. The company registration and VAT number should both be clearly stated on the website. Both of these are a legal requirement.

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