How often couples have sex, and is it all over too quickly? Find out here…

PEThe question of how frequently couples have sex on a weekly basis is one long debated, but something nobody will ever be sure of the answer to as one couple’s sex life differs to the next.

However, a sexual health expert from the US believes that the average couple tend to have sex around two to three times per week.

Dr Harry Fisch, a urologist based at the New York Presbyterian Hospital, also claims that men are generally not lasting long enough in the sack to fully satisfy their partner as men tend to orgasm a lot quicker than women do.

According to Dr Fisch, around 45% of men usually orgasm within just two minutes of beginning penetrative sex, a time that is too soon for the average woman to reach an orgasm.

In a report published on, he says that the majority of women actually require a time of between five to seven minutes to reach orgasm – resulting in a lot of unsatisfied women in the bedroom.

Dr Fisch goes on to say the average man has 11 erections each day and there are some young men who see having sex multiple days a day as being normal, although he adds in reality, this is not a common occurrence.

In reality, most couples are having sex in their 20s about every one to three days he believes, with this dropping to twice a week for 30 to 50-year-olds.

Some couples are content with having frequent sex, with other couples prioritising quality over quantity. He wrote in “That’s really the point: not how much sex you’re having, but whether you and your partner are happy with the sex you are having. Quality wins out over quantity every time. It’s all about the satisfaction.”

The average couple has sex for 7.3 minutes at a time says Dr Fisch, but he adds this isn’t always satisfactory for the woman as women usually take longer to orgasm.

He concluded his report by urging those men who regularly ejaculate in less than two minutes, or take more than 40, to see their doctor.

A misconception some people hold is that PE is not a genuine medical condition. This is simply wrong and is even acknowledged by the World Health Organization as being a genuine health problem. PE can leave the male suffering from anxiety, stress, depression, embarrassment and anger.

Ultimately, both partners will suffer. The man may find it difficult to relax enough to enjoy sex resulting in a lack of intimacy and frustration for both the man and woman. If left untreated, PE can place serious strain on the relationship.

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