Food for thought: 6 foods for stronger erections

Obesity is one of the main causes for erectile dysfunction in males. The strong link between the two has been widely suspected for generations but in recent years there has been clinical trials and evidence carried out to prove that men being overweight or obese can impact their ability to achieve or maintain an erection. This then causes a detrimental effect to the man’s sex life, can worsen confidence and even put strains on his relationship with his partner.

While we are officially still in summer and many Brits are jetting off abroad to enjoy hotter climates, the desire is high for both males and females to achieve that perfect beach body to catch the eye of the opposite of sex. In this regard, we advise you to be sexually aware and this is a subject we have highlighted previously.

However, to achieve this perfect ‘beach body’, this will probably involve plenty of healthy eating, exercise and willpower! For males however, just consider this – what if you could achieve a great body AND eat for a better erection at the same time. The wonders that medications such as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra do for men with erectile dysfunction has been well documented for numerous years, but many men will probably be unaware that there are also certain healthy foods that can boost your libido, erection and overall sexual performance…satisfying both you and her!

For males who are concerned about their weight and sex lives, we give you a rundown of some of the top healthiest foods than can both benefit your waistline and your ability to achieve an erection:

. Dark chocolate

Yes, you read that correctly! Dark chocolate can provide many massive benefits. For instance, it is known to be more filling than milk chocolate and helps to prevent cravings for more unhealthy foods. Dark chocolate also helps to reduce the level of the stress hormone cortisol in your body and contains high levels of ‘phenethylamine’, a relaxing chemical that can also increase sexual pleasure. If all that wasn’t enough, the cocoa in dark chocolate is rich in flavonoids; dilating chemicals that aid with blood flow to the penis.

. Bananas

Often the source of embarrassment when eaten in public due to their resemblance for an erect penis, the irony won’t be lost on men to learn that they can in fact help in achieving that very thing! The fruit is very rich in potassium which is fantastic for the heart and maintain good blood circulation, which is obviously essential for a strong erection. Potassium will also help keep sodium levels ‘normal’ and reducing the risk of high blood pressure. Bananas are also a great source of Vitamin B and thus keeping your level of energy up and the production of testosterone, leading to a higher sex drive.

. Chillies

Help to keep the heat and spice in your sex life by eating chilli! Have you ever experienced a rush of blood to your face and flushing when eating chillies? That’s because they work magnificently at expanding blood vessels, and thankfully not just to your face. When it comes to sex they also work wonders by pumping blood into the penis too, and they act very quickly. However, do not over-consume on chilli peppers as they can irritate your stomach and bowels.

. Salmon

Fantastic for weight loss as fish generally have almost no carbohydrates in them and are great when teamed with vegetables, salmon is also good for erections too. The omega-3 fatty acids contained in oily fish such as salmon, help to make your nervous system operate better and are great for a healthy heart and blood flow to the penis due to the huge circulatory-enhancing benefits they have.

. Watermelon

This fruit has been highlighted as being a natural Viagra-like food for a while, and it is not hard to see why. Viagra works by helping to relax the blood vessels in your penis, allowing blood to flow into your Corpus Cavernosum and Spongiosum when you get sexually excited. Many experts claim that watermelon works in a similar way due to it containing the chemical ‘citrulline’. Citrulline kickstarts the production of the amino acid arginine, which helps to relax and dilate blood vessels, improving blood circulation just like Viagra.

. Pomegranate

Men looking for an improvement in sexual performance could benefit from drinking a glass of pomegranate juice. Californian scientists made this claim back in 2007 after their study showed that 47% of the men they had analysed, had seen improved erections after consuming pomegranate juice over 2 four-week periods with a two-week interruption in between. Pomegranate juice is loaded antioxidants in comparison to many fruits, which help to regulate blood flow and promote blood vessel dilation.

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  2. Andy says:

    Great list. I am now off to the fruit market to bag some water melons … I hope my partner will benefit from them in some way or other too 🙂