Faulty heart medication causes 100 deaths in Pakistan

A Manufacturing facility in Punjab, Pakistan has been closed indefinitely after being linked to the death of dozens of people who are all believed to have taken tainted heart medication. Authorities now state the death toll has reached 100, with a further 300 currently hospitalised in the city of Lahore.

Reports suggest that the medicines were unauthentic, of poor quality, and some even past their dates of expiration. It has been speculated that the deaths could be due to a metal contamination of cardiovascular medication made at the unnamed facility.

Police officials arrested the owners of three pharmaceutical companies that are suspected of administering medicine to the state-run Punjab Istitute of Cardiology, who then provided the heart medication to patients free of cost.

Health officials have stated that those patients who had taken the heart medication arrived at the hospital with a severe decline in white blood cells, platelets, and damage to bone marrow. Punjab’s Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has pledged stern action against anybody found responsible for the inadequate and faulty drugs.

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