Meet Our Team

Medical Specialists® Pharmacy are proud of their dedicated and trained professional team members who carry out the assessment of our patients’ Online Consultations and dispense our patients’ medication. Plus we have a team of dedicated staff who can help with your queries and sign posting you in the right direction. You can always phone them or email them, and you will find them friendly and eager to help.

It is imperative that your health and medication is only dealt with by highly trained professionals. We have an on-site Superintendent and pharmacists, and below we list these for you so that you can be confident you are in safe hands.

Delivering medication to the nation with a smile!

Meet Our Team

Choosing where to safely buy your medication online can be a daunting choice, especially when there are so many illicit websites appearing on search engines and selling cheap, dangerous counterfeit medicine.

Medical Specialists® are proud of their dedicated and trained team who carry out the assessment of our patients’ Online Consultations, dispensing our patients’ medication or helping in other ways with the web site and dealing with queries.

To check the credentials / registration details of our Pharmacy or any of our Pharmacy professionals, simply click on their name or hyperlink to view their details as listed on the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) register.

Our Prescribers
Our Prescribers

The Medical Specialists® Independent Prescribing Pharmacists are:

- Mr Muhammad Safwan Ilyas    (GPhC number: 2082241)

- Mr Manvear Singh Sira   (GPhC number: 2068322)

Our Pharmacy
Our Pharmacy

Our Pharmacy team is headed by Superintendent Pharmacist Mr Muhammad Safwan Ilyas, who is a registered Pharmacist (2082241) with The Royal Pharmaceutical Society and The General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC), registered number 1104466, as well as a member of the National Pharmacy Association (NPA).

How It Works
Three easy steps
1. Select treatment

Relax and at your own convenience, hassle-free, choose your medication on any device from anywhere.

2. Complete online consultation

Confidentiality assured as our prescribers check your form, and a safe and secure checkout is guaranteed.

3. Next day discrete delivery

Our pharmacists dispense your treatment conveniently to your home or work so you never have to miss a delivery.

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