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Aknemycin Plus (Erythromycin 4.0% + Tretinoin 0.025%) is a trusted and reliable prescription topical medication for acne. Aknemycin is quite unique in that it can target all forms of the problem, effectively treating blackheads, whiteheads, inflamed spots, and pus-filled spots. Tretinoin is the same active ingredient that was present in the popular treatment Retin-A Gel. You may not be able to buy Retin-A Gel anymore, but you can buy Aknemycin online following an online consultation using our safe and secure service.

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  • Very effective acne treatment
  • Contains Tretinoin (Similar to Retin-A)
  • Clears blackheads and whiteheads
  • Genuine UK medication

What is Aknemycin Plus for?

Please note: Do not use Aknemycin with other Benzoyl-Peroxide containing products.

Please note: Do not use Aknemycin alongside other Tretinoin-containing products.

Please note:  Do not buy Aknemycin online if you are allergic to Erythromycin or other ingredients listed in the Patient Information Leaflet (PIL).

Please note: Only use Aknemycin alongside other treatments for your symptoms if your doctor or pharmacist says it's OK. For example, applying multiple topical medicines may cause soreness.

Simply put, Aknemycin Plus is an incredibly effective and universal treatment for acne. Whatever your symptoms are, Aknemycin will likely be suitable for you because it treats most types of the condition.

Aknemycin is often prescribed to treat acne with papules and pustules where there is a risk of scarring in the future, especially with very oily skin. Aknemycin is also often prescribed if other topical treatments have not been successful, or you do not tolerate them, or cannot use them for other medical reasons. Topical antibiotics such as Aknemycin are also ideal for those who cannot take, or do not like to take, oral antibiotics.

Tretinoin – one of the active ingredients in Aknemycin Plus - can help to treat coarse wrinkling[1], has anti-aging benefits[2], may help treat sun damaged skin[3], as well as possible effectively helping in the treatment of scarring[4]. You may have tried to buy Retin-A online and been unable to find this medication due to it no longer being available, therefore Aknemycin could be an alternative as it contains Tretinoin, as did Retin-A.

If you have read the above information and think Aknemycin could be suitable for you, you can buy Aknemycin online following the completion of an online consultation with Medical Specialists®.

How does Aknemycin Plus work?

Aknemycin Plus is a solution containing the active ingredients Erythromycin 4.0% w/w + Tretinoin 0.025% w/w. Erythromycin is an antibiotic that kills bacteria germs and reduces inflammation of the skin caused by these bacteria. Tretinoin is the active ingredient that was present in Retin-A Gel, and works at normalising the growth of superficial skin cells, plus helps dead, hardened layers of skin to peel off that are clogging the hair follicles in areas with the issue.

Simultaneously, Tretinoin clears blackheads which block your skin pores and cause spots to form. After the pores are unblocked, sebum can escape so that germ activity is limited. Aknemycin Plus also helps dissolve away the excess oil in your skin.

How to use Aknemycin Plus

When you buy Aknemycin Plus online, always use this medicine exactly as your doctor has told you, or as outlined in the Patient Information Leaflet (PIL). Check with your doctor or pharmacist if you are not sure.

  • The container has an applicator which allows a simple, hygienic and economic application.
  • Before each use press the top of the screw cap on to the foam pad until you feel a click, then invert the bottle so that the solution wets the applicator pad, then wipe the applicator over the affected skin areas.

Normally you should apply Aknemycin Plus once or twice daily. After use, the applicator will close again automatically.

Duration of treatment

Your own doctor may advise how long exactly you should use Aknemycin Plus for.

  • The length of time depends on the condition of your skin but this will normally be between 9 and 12 weeks but may be longer depending on the severity of your condition. It is important that you use Aknemycin Plus regularly.
  • There may not be any improvement in your skin condition for several weeks after initially starting the treatment with Aknemycin Plus.

What are the possible side effects of Aknemycin Plus?

Side effects are rare, and most people don’t get any. Possible side effects may vary from one person to the next, as with any medication. You should always read the manufacturer’s Patient Information Leaflet (PIL) before using or any other medication.

This will give you important instructions on how and when to use the medication, as well as any possible side effects of the drug.

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