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Condom Use AND STI Rate Increases In America

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have conducted a study into contraception use in the United States and found some interesting findings. Namely that only a third of men are bothering to actually use condoms when they have … Continue reading

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Why Teenage Pregnancy Rates are the Lowest Since Records Began

It has been calculated that teenage pregnancy rates have been slashed by a half in under a decade, according to new figures published on Tuesday. The huge decline occurred over a period of 8 years say the Office for National … Continue reading

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The Male Contraceptive Jab That Could Work for Two Years

The results of clinical trials involving monkeys as test subjects have created excitement about the possibility that male contraceptive jab could be on the horizon in the future. Apparently more effective than the pill, ‘Vasalgel’ has the same end effect … Continue reading

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All You Need is Love!

Medical Specialists® Pharmacy are sure all of our readers are aware that February 14th is Valentine’s Day and synonymous with numerous things…Gifts, flowers, chocolates to name just a few romantic gestures. However, did anybody know that the same date is … Continue reading

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Can Listerine Mouthwash Kill Gonorrhoea Bacteria?

Could cheaply bought gonorrhoea treatment be already sitting in your bathroom as we speak? This is the bizarre suggestion behind a new study published in the journal Sexually Transmitted Infections. The highly popular Listerine mouthwash could be used as an … Continue reading

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