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Condom Use AND STI Rate Increases In America

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have conducted a study into contraception use in the United States and found some interesting findings. Namely that only a third of men are bothering to actually use condoms when they have … Continue reading

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How Indoor Pollution is Causing an Asthma Epidemic

There are 5.4 million people living with asthma in Britain and one common piece of advice given to all is try to avoid or limit contact with the outdoor triggers for an asthma attack, with little regards to any possible … Continue reading

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Government’s Tobacco Control Plan Aims to Cut UK Smoking Rates

In June it was reported that smoking rates across the UK had dropped to now the second lowest in Europe, with England alone having just 15.5% of its adult population being smokers, dropping from the 15.8% figure of 2016. However, … Continue reading

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Viagra-laced Stents May Stop Arterial Blood Clotting

Will the wonders of miracle anti-impotence drug Viagra never cease? It seems barely a month goes by without researchers discovering another potential health benefit that could be derived from the popular ‘little blue pill’. In March, Medical Specialists® Pharmacy reported … Continue reading

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Tooth Decay Rates Lead to Calls for Health Warnings on Sweet Packets

Millions of the UK’s children are being raised on a diet loaded with sugary, with kids being hooked on chocolate, sweets, biscuits and fizzy drinks from an early age. Worryingly, unhealthy dietary choice can continue way into adulthood, with overweight … Continue reading

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