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Rheumatoid Arthritis Risk Lower for Women on The Pill, says Study

Researchers behind a new study in Sweden claim that women taking the pill long-term are significantly less likely to develop a type of arthritis in their later years. Scientists in the study, from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, analysed around … Continue reading

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NHS Erectile Dysfunction Prescriptions TRIPLE in 10 Years

The stigma that may have previously existed with men and erectile dysfunction (ED) – in addition to seeking help and requesting treatment for impotence – could finally be eroding, as new data show a dramatic rise in prescriptions for the … Continue reading

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Erectile Dysfunction Risk Higher for Men with Diabetes

Not only do fizzy drinks cause weight gain, but they could also affect your sex lives too, namely resulting in men experiencing erectile dysfunction (ED). Research has discovered that generally men consume significantly more soft drinks than their female counterparts … Continue reading

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Government’s Tobacco Control Plan Aims to Cut UK Smoking Rates

In June it was reported that smoking rates across the UK had dropped to now the second lowest in Europe, with England alone having just 15.5% of its adult population being smokers, dropping from the 15.8% figure of 2016. However, … Continue reading

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Viagra-laced Stents May Stop Arterial Blood Clotting

Will the wonders of miracle anti-impotence drug Viagra never cease? It seems barely a month goes by without researchers discovering another potential health benefit that could be derived from the popular ‘little blue pill’. In March, Medical Specialists® Pharmacy reported … Continue reading

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