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Want Viagra for Erectile Dysfunction? Ask the Wife first…

Imagine having to get written permission off the girlfriend or wife before requesting Viagra for male impotence from Medical Specialists®, it would probably deter men from coming to us to order and maybe invoke some debates about one’s civil rights. … Continue reading

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Study into Antibiotics Suggests Illegal ‘Online Pharmacies’ Still Clog Search Engines

A new study into antibiotic use suggests that many people are still facing the both dangerous and difficult task of sifting through the illegal pharmaceutical websites that are flooding Google and other search engines. Often these illicit websites are posing … Continue reading

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The Male Contraceptive Jab That Could Work for Two Years

The results of clinical trials involving monkeys as test subjects have created excitement about the possibility that male contraceptive jab could be on the horizon in the future. Apparently more effective than the pill, ‘Vasalgel’ has the same end effect … Continue reading

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Share a #Scarfie and Boost Asthma Awareness

As we enter the beginning of February, the temperatures are now starting to plummet and it is very noticeably colder outside. Hopefully you are all wrapped up warm though when braving to venture out into the outdoors. We say this … Continue reading

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How to Combat Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation Without Medication

There are millions of men around the world suffering with erectile dysfunction (ED), premature ejaculation (PE), and some actually experience both problems in the bedroom. They are genuine health conditions that should be treated as such, whether this be through … Continue reading

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