Hair Loss Milkshake? Surely There’s No Whey!…

Earlier this year Medical Specialists® Pharmacy reported how Prince Harry was perhaps questionably trying to fight hair loss by taking caviar omega-3 supplements, and now there is another product about to hit the market that makes bold claims of hair restoration for those suffering with hair loss.

The product in question is a new protein shake that has yet to reach British consumers, but has received the backing from a leading US hair transplant surgeon, Dr Edward Ball. Dr Ball claims there is “compelling evidence that it works”.

‘Help Hair’ is said to contain numerous vitamins, minerals, amino acids and proteins that can all contribute to “healthier, richer, more vibrant , thicker fuller hair with more luster and shine” – according to the Help Hair website.

Similar to other existing muscle recovery products already on the market, the Help Hair product is a whey protein based powder. However, a quick glance of the price shows that a 960g pouch of powder can set customers back an eye-watering $55.99.

Avid gym goers purchasing the pouches, and whom are also believing the products could counter-act hair loss, could easily go through two of the pouches in a given month, meaning a potential monthly cost of $111.98.

Dr Ball, Medical Director of The Maitland Clinic, commented: “We are a nation of gym goers and protein shakes have experienced a real surge in popularity in recent years.

“While, on the face of it, a drink that promotes hair growth sounds too good to be true. It’s fair to say that there were those of us in the industry were sceptical when the shake was first announced.

“But there’s a reason that a growing number of hair transplant surgeons, particularly in places like the US and Belgium, are sitting up and taking notice – and it’s because the science stacks up.”

There have been previous concerns about whey protein shakes causing hair loss, but Dr Ball adds: “Some shakes contain substances such as creatine and are made from heavily processed whey isolates.

“Traditional protein shakes can also produce an ‘anabolic’ state in humans, which not only stimulates muscle growth but also raises testosterone levels.

“This testosterone is converted in the body into Dihydrotestosterone, aka ‘DHT’, and it’s this dreaded DHT which is bad news indeed for those hoping to avoid pattern baldness.

“DHT will attach itself to a person’s hair receptor cells, which in turn blocks the absorption of essential nutrients and causes the follicle to shrink and die.”

The man who concocted the Help Hair shake, Florida-based hair transplant surgeon Dr Larry Shapiro, said: “The Whey Protein Shake for hair loss nourishes the hair follicles with all the nutrients for rapid hair growth.

“And the shake provides vitamins and protein that make up the nutrition support for hair loss from menopause, post pregnancy, from stress and anaesthesia from surgery.”

The new Help Hair shake is believed to aid hair growth through its nutrients, such as biotin, folic acid, pantothenic acid, vitamin B12, chlorophyl, zinc and iodine. However, many of these nutrients can be obtained through diet and/or by inexpensive supplements bought on the high street.

Hair loss is a major cause of distress for millions around the world, with more than half of UK men experiencing some type of male pattern baldness during their life. Even celebrities are not immune from losing their hair; recent reports suggest that US President Donald Trump is rumoured to be taking hair loss treatment Propecia.

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