Prince Harry Turns to Supplements for His Hair Loss

Justin Bieber told Prince William to use hair loss treatment Propecia back in 2012, but Canada’s most notorious popstar and hair loss expert it seems, may be turning his attentions and expert advice to the younger Prince, after recent pictures showed Prince Harry with much thinner locks and a lot more scalp visible compared to previous years.

It has now emerged that to possibly try to avoid the same fate as his 34-year-old brother, William, who is almost completely bald on top, Prince Harry has resorted to having super-strength omega-3 supplements made with herring caviar delivered to Kensington Palace.

Although not yet confirmed specifically what the omega supplements are intended for, it is rumoured they are being taken by Prince Harry as a desperate measure to combat the increasingly apparent hair loss he appears to have inherited from his father, Prince Charles.

Some believe that the fatty acids will not only provide a boost to a person’s health, but could be able to halt the progression of hair loss and may even encourage hair to grow healthier, and at a faster rate.

However, at Medical Specialists® Pharmacy, we can’t help but feel that if this was indeed true, surely everyone would be taking herring caviar supplements to keep baldness at bay, and very few people would experience hair loss, which is clearly not the case.

Prince Harry’s Rumoured Supplements

Harry is said to be ordering Omega 3 MOPL Herring Caviar from Tom Oliver Nutrition, a product which can boast thrice as much DHA (300mg/g) and phospholipids as most regular omega-3 supplements on the market.

The supplements also comprise of fish oils extracted from anchovy and sardine caught off the coast of Peru and Chile, said to be a good source of marine omega-3 triglycerides.

Fish oil contains essential omega-3 fatty acids, something many health experts claim help to stimulate skin, hair and follicle growth. Whether or not there is actually clear scientific evidence that omega supplements can prevent or regrow hair is another matter.

Harry’s efforts to curtail his male pattern baldness and take the healthy fish oils may be down to wanting to keep up with his girlfriend, the Suits actress Meghan Markle, often pictured on her way to yoga classes and has previously discussed her tips to stay healthy.

The 32-year-old prince has also apparently been on the receiving end of jibes from his friends for waxing the hair from his chest since first entering into a relationship with the stunning Suits star. To keep looking his best, it appears Harry is trying to preserve his head hair and simultaneously remove the hair on his chest.

Around half of men start losing their hair before they reach the age of 50, and for Harry this process looked to have begun when he was in his 20s. It is at that time Harry could have took on board Justin Bieber’s advice for William and looked into hair loss treatment Propecia.

How Propecia Works

Propecia can slow down the hair loss on vertex and the anterior mid-scalp area, prevent further hair loss or in some cases, even re-grow hair. Its manufacturer Merck Sharp & Dohm state that the treatment gets visible results in 9 out of 10 men.

Taking Propecia together with using Regaine on his scalp – which contains the active ingredient Minoxidil – could have helped prevent further hereditary hair loss and have stopped the young prince wasting his money on unproven products such as herring caviar omega supplements.

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