Major Excitement Sparked by new Erectile Dysfunction Gel Eroxon

health_home2The results of a clinical trial involving an exciting new erectile dysfunction (ED) gel have caused shares in the company behind it to double, sparking hope that men suffering with male impotence will soon have another effective option available to them.

Futura Medical plc are a British biotech company that have spent an incredible 15 years developing the novel gel. The treatment has been known as MED2002 in its clinical trials and is now being referred to as ‘Eroxon’.

Eroxon was found to dramatically boost erectile function within the 232 men who were involved in Futura’s double-blind placebo study.

One massive plus point to Eroxon was its speed of action, with a rapid onset – primarily due to the way the gel is applied (directly to the penis). In the study it was discovered that 82% of patients suffering with a mild form of impotence had an onset of action within just 10 minutes, and 54% of mild ED patients within only 5 minutes.

Simply put, this impressive speed means that Eroxon could be world’s quickest-acting treatment for ED. However, it gets better…there were no serious safety concerns identified with the gel, No major adverse events or serious adverse reactions were found, and nobody pulled out of the trials on account of any side effects.

This impressive safety profile could mean the ED gel may be targeted as a consumer healthcare product with an appropriate dosage, as well as being a prescription-based treatment.

Researchers in the study only looked at one particular dosage, 0.2% w/w glyceryl trinitrate gel. The next steps for Futura will be to decide if a bigger dosage than this could offer advantages to men suffering with more moderate to severe erectile problems.

The global market for ED treatments is worth a staggering $5bn. Viagra, the most popular and longest-standing treatment on the market, generated $1.7bn in sales in 2015 alone in the US and $57m across Europe, a territory which has seen a rise in generic alternatives since 2013.

UK and US health authorities will now meet with Futura to plan regulatory filing. Luckily for Brits, the plan will be to give Eroxon a UK launch first, where it may even be available without the need of a prescription. Other countries will follow suit.

Futura Medical will probably not be responsible for launching the product. The aim will be to licence the gel out to a third party, such as a consumer health brand or pharmaceutical firm, who will commercialise the product and pay Futura royalty payments.

Commenting on the effectiveness of Eroxon, James Barder, Futura’s Chief Executive, said: “I am delighted that our novel gel for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, MED2002, has met its primary endpoint by showing efficacy. The headline data from the study indicate that we have a breakthrough ED product that is not only effective but may also combine potentially the world’s fastest speed of onset for an ED treatment with a very favourable safety profile. We will carry out further analysis of the results in the next few days and are very excited by the commercial potential of this product.”

Keep checking the Medical Specialists® Pharmacy website for further updates about the exciting new ED gel Eroxon. With no definitive date of release, men suffering with impotence or premature ejaculation don’t have to patiently wait for new products in the future and can already benefit from our existing range of treatments. For example, there is Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra for ED, and Priligy for premature ejaculation. Simply fill in the online consultation form or send in a private prescription if you have already been issued one by a GP, and have your medication delivered the next day by Royal Mail Special Delivery.

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