Erectile dysfunction drugs could help with premature ejaculation

A group of 14 individual studies has found compelling evidence to suggest that erectile dysfunction (ED) drugs such as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra could help with premature ejaculation as well as ED.

There has developed an interest in using ED drugs to treat premature ejaculation after it was found that a side effect of using ED drugs was a delay in ejaculation.

With that in mind a series of 14 studies were carried out to ascertain whether ED drugs could help delay ejaculation. The men in the study were asked to use a stopwatch before and after treatment to measure the time between penetration and ejaculation and it was found that the ED drugs had a positive effect on delaying ejaculation.

However a review of these studies has pointed out that these studies did not use a placebo during the tests thus not eliminating the psychological factor. Added to that they didn’t use the International Society for Sexual Medicine’s definition that an inability to last for more than one minute before ejaculating constituted premature ejaculation.

Following on from that review however 4 new studies including about 300 men were conducted using both an ED drug and a placebo. It was found that after taking the placebo men had intercourse lasting between a minute and a minute and a half, just over the official definition of premature ejaculation.

Significantly the men who did take the ED medication had intercourse lasting between two and a half minutes and six minutes, well over the official definition of premature ejaculation.

Whilst it was noted that more thorough and extensive studies would be needed to back up these findings the signs are encouraging that ED drugs could be added to the list of already successful premature ejaculation treatments such as Priligy and topical anaesthetic sprays such as Stud 100 spray.

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