New Levitra dissolvable tablets on sale at Medical Specialists Pharmacy

Bayer have released a new dissolvable erectile dysfunction tablet called Levitra ODT (Orodispersible). This is a new type of pill that melts in your mouth to treat  male impotence which was introduced in the UK yesterday.  For further information on Levitra dissolvable tablets please visit Medical Specialists Pharmacy website, and for  where to Buy Levitra ODT please click the highlighted link.

Bayers researchers are hoping it will help men who feel too embarrassed to seek help for erectile dysfunction, as it can be taken quickly at the patient’s discretion. Called Levitra orodispersible, it is manufactured by Bayer. “It is hoped the advantages of the new product and its discreet packaging will reduce the numbers of patients purchasing counterfeit pills online,” said Marc van Unen of Bayer. Men should still take this drug 30 minutes before sexual intercourse.

Market research by Bayer, makers of the new pill, found four in ten men say existing tablets, which have to be swallowed with water, are inconvenient.

Trials involving almost 1,000 men found the melt-in-the-mouth treatment was safe and effective. Sexual health campaigners warn that those with erectile dysfunction should always see a doctor because it could suggest the early stages of heart problems. But many have ended up buying fake products online because they are too shy to see their GP.

Levitra ODT works like Viagra – fizzes on the tongue and dissolves in seconds, meaning it can be taken very discreetly. Levitra is available at Medical Specialists Pharmacy website via private prescription or through our online consultation..

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