Baby All I Want for Christmas…is More of You!

coupleMel Gibson inadvertently developed the powers to understand ‘What women want’ in the 2000 film following an electric shock in the bath. However, for the rest of the male population, getting inside the complex thoughts of women to get a grasp on what they are thinking and indeed what they want, can be an impossible task that even Einstein himself wouldn’t be able to figure out.

With this in mind, and the fact that there is now only a month to go until Christmas day, Medical Specialists® Pharmacy thought we would try to find out some of the things women actually want, whether this be from their partner in the bedroom, or simply an aesthetic improvement to make them feel more desirable.

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HIV cases soar to all-time high in the UK

HIVHIV figures have reached an all-time high in the UK, with more than 100,000 people now living with the virus – though a quarter are still unaware they have it. This means there is a massive risk these people will be spreading the condition on to others unknowingly via unprotected sex and not using condoms.

The latest statistics on HIV have been published by Public Health England (PHE) ahead of National HIV Testing Week, running from 22 – 30th November.

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Tenth of British men admit paying for sex

sex lifeA new study published in the journal Sexually Transmitted Infections has given further insight into the sexual habits of British men, finding over one in ten men has previously paid for sex.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the majority of the 11% of men in the study that had admitted paying for sex had done so at notorious sex tourism hotspots for such activity – 60% of those that had paid for the services had done this outside of the UK, particularly in Amsterdam and Bangkok.

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Alcohol Awareness Week 2014 hammers home alcohol’s hidden dangers

alcohol awareness weekThis year’s national health awareness campaign Alcohol Awareness Week runs from 17th to 23rd November. The theme will be ‘Facing our alcohol problem: Taking back our health and high streets.’

Alcohol Awareness Week 2013 urged people to be more vocal regarding alcohol – i.e. start to discuss the health risks and social problems that alcohol causes, and how alcohol is everywhere in society. One year on and this is all still relevant and as important now.

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Weight loss tips before the work Christmas party!

weight lossFrom today there are exactly six weeks until Christmas Day. The well-prepared amongst us may have already bought presents for loved ones to save on stress in the fortnight or so before the big day. However, many of us will suffering with some degree of stress about the work office party and trying to slim down to fit into that expensive dress or suit.

Let’s be realistic, as soon as December starts is when the majority of work Christmas parties will be taking place, not to mention being inundated to invites to other festive parties, leaving at the very most just four weeks until you need to shift those extra pounds, and five until you might be feeling your pants have become a little tighter!

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