Are smokers now a dying breed? Shocking stats reveal all…

smokingMedical Specialists® Pharmacy has experienced a recent surge in the number of people coming to us enquiring about our smoking cessation treatment Champix, so much so that we have had to bolster our stock to cope with the huge demand for it.

This would seem to correspond with news this week coming from health officials that smoking rates in England have fallen to their lowest level on record.

Public Health England (PHE) have stated that 16.9% of the population across England are smokers – representing the lowest level since records first started.

Figures were reported by PHE ahead of the yearly Stoptober campaign which is set to kick off on the 1st October. The annual stop smoking event challenges smokers to quit for 28 days, as this means they are then 5 times more likely to give up for good.

Smokers trying their best to abstain for the month of October can at least take some comfort in the knowledge that many famous faces are in the same boat and looking to ditch the cigs.

Strictly Come Dancing judge Craig Revel Horwood, former cricketer and current regular gameshow guest Phil Tufnell, as well as former Atomic Kitten singer Natasha Hamilton are just some of the celebrities taking part this year.

The celebs will be hoping to join 14.6 million people across England that can now claim to be ex-smokers – more than double the estimated 7.2 million people that are currently still lighting up.

It is important to realise that smokers are at double the risk of suffering a heart attack compared to people that have never smoked, and smoking is the main cause of a wide range of cancers, heart disease and stroke.

The problem stems from the fact that smoking damages the lining of the arteries, reducing the available space for blood to travel through. In addition, the carbon monoxide contained in cigarettes also effects the amount of oxygen that can reach the heart and other areas of the body, forcing the heart to work much harder to supply the body with the oxygen it requires.

With most of the country now regular users of different social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, it is no surprise to learn that health officials have decided to primarily target the campaign online. Over £500,000 has been poured into Facebook advertising alone.

Duncan Selbie of the PHE recently commented how nearly ¾ of smokers use Facebook, so clearly reaching out to users of the site is a smart move.

Those looking to take part in Stoptober will be provided with numerous support aids to help them in their quest to last the 28 days, including the Stoptober app and a new Facebook Messenger tool.

During Stoptober 2015, an incredible 2.5 million smokers joined the campaign in an attempt to quit, but only around 500,000 people (20%) made it to the end.

Regional figures released by the PHE show that some areas that have seen the biggest drop in smoking rates in 4 years.

Smoking rates in the South West have decreased from 18.7% to 15.5%, in the North East the percentage of smokers has fallen from 22% to 18.7% and in Yorkshire and Humber the number of smokers has declined from 21.9% to 18.6%.

Professor Kevin Fenton, national director of health and wellbeing at PHE, said: “While it is amazing that there are over twice as many ex-smokers as current smokers in England, there are still over seven million people regularly lighting up.

“Alongside unhealthy diet, smoking is the biggest cause of preventable early death in England, accounting for over 78,000 deaths a year.

Quitters will soon see they have reduced blood pressure, easier breathing and better circulation. Stopping smoking is the best thing a smoker can do to improve their health.”

The Government’s deputy chief medical officer, Dr Gina Radford, added: ‘While we know that quitting smoking is not easy, this Stoptober is a perfect time to try again.

“We have a range of free support that can go direct to your phone, laptop or tablet via the Stoptober app, a daily email service or Facebook Messenger bot. The new Stoptober website also has advice and information on stop-smoking services and quitting aids.”

Craig Revel Horwood said: ‘As a performer, I know the sense of satisfaction that comes in that final moment of completion after days and weeks of commitment and dedication, and together with the Stoptober support tools, it’s this taste of success which will help to keep me going in my quit-smoking attempt this October.

“In moments of weakness, just like I will be doing, I’d recommend quitters turn to the proven Stoptober support; from daily email alerts through to a dedicated app, Stoptober can help. Good luck darlings, we can do it.”

Ex-England cricketer Phil Tufnell, added: “I have smoked pretty steadily since I was a teenager, even through my cricket career.

“I have tried to give up before and know how tough it is, but I am going to try and quit again from 1 October.

“Even if you have tried quitting before like me and failed, just give it another go and keep trying.

“The more you try to quit the more likely you are to get there. Stoptober is here to help, so let’s try and get through to 28 days without a fag by taking it one day at a time.”

Penny Woods, chief executive of the British Lung Foundation, said: ‘We know that smoking is the number one cause of preventable early death, and that if you have a lung condition like COPD it is often the single most important thing you can do to turn your health around.

“On top of this human cost, smoking has been estimated to cost the economy over £10 billion a year. We therefore support public health campaigns like Stoptober that motivate and support people to quit.”

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Major Excitement Sparked by new Erectile Dysfunction Gel Eroxon

health_home2The results of a clinical trial involving an exciting new erectile dysfunction (ED) gel have caused shares in the company behind it to double, sparking hope that men suffering with male impotence will soon have another effective option available to them.

Futura Medical plc are a British biotech company that have spent an incredible 15 years developing the novel gel. The treatment has been known as MED2002 in its clinical trials and is now being referred to as ‘Eroxon’.

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Half of UK parents let their kids drink alcohol at home

watching tvShocking statistics show that nearly half of parents with children under the age of 14 are letting their kids drink alcohol at home.

This emerged following new research conducted by Churchill home insurance, finding that 34% of parents with children under 14 years of age are using booze as a method of bribery for good behaviour. Furthermore – and alarmingly – 11% of parents with children aged between 5 and 7 are allowing them to drink alcohol at home.

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Coronation Street’s Bethany Platt collapses after taking Unlicensed Diet Pills

diet pillsIt seems that barely a week passes by without another story in the press about the dangers of diet pills. In most cases, there has been a self-conscious teenager, probably of a perfectly normal BMI, buying dodgy diet pills from the internet.

The potentially fatal repercussions of purchasing such toxic slimming tablets are due to feature on one of the nation’s favorite soaps – Coronation Street. This month will see 16-year-old Bethany Platt collapse in the gym after becoming hooked on diet pills.

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Bring Back Happy Memories and a Tan from a Summer Holiday – Not an STI

sunbathing coupleSummer is in full swing, the kids are off school, and that happy, glorious mood is in the air. One that is simply lacking in the cold months of winter.

Summertime also usually means thousands of Brits will be flocking overseas to even hotter climates in order to soak up the sunshine and enjoy a party atmosphere, usually fuelled by booze. Sunshine and booze abroad sounds idyllic, however it can lead to some risky behaviour when it comes to sex.

Holidays can provide the chance to meet new people, or get much closer to somebody you already know, but remember that it is absolutely vital to still think about sexual health when on holiday. After all, unprotected sex on holiday can have the same catastrophic consequences that it can have at home, namely sexually transmitted infections (STI) and unwanted pregnancies.

Protecting one’s own sexual health, and that of any potential sexual partner whilst on holiday, is imperative. Don’t forget to pack condoms as STIs aren’t the only reason to use condoms. Sickness and diarrhoea, in addition to certain medicines like anti-malaria tablets, may make the contraceptive pill less effective.

It is understandable that a visit to the local pharmacy perhaps isn’t the first thing on people’s minds when arriving to a holiday destination. Moreover, depending on the destination in question, it could be next to impossible to even find a trustworthy supply of genuine condoms.

Therefore, prior to any holiday, have a think about what you realistically may or may not get up to as it would possibly be wise to stock up on good quality condoms and important essentials with regards to sex. Some destinations have much higher rates of sexual infections compared to others, meaning the use of contraception is an even bigger must.

In particularly, the rates of certain serious sexually transmitted infections such as HIV and syphilis are significantly higher in some countries around the world in comparison to the UK. In fact, the majority of new HIV cases diagnosed amongst heterosexuals were caught overseas.

Unfortunately, it’s not usually possible to know if somebody has an STI or HIV simply by looking at said person, so for this reason alone, always wear a condom!

Those who forget to pack condoms for their jollies, should only purchase condoms bearing the European CE mark as this is a sign of quality assurance. This means the condoms have been tested to the required safety standards.

Exposure to the sun can actually damage the condoms, so it is vital to keep them stored in a cool and dry place. Also, don’t leave them packed closely together with any sun cream, baby lotion, or other oily products that can cause damage. It is also essential to wash hands between rubbing on the sun lotion and handling a condom.

At Medical Specialists® Pharmacy we realise that maybe only a small percentage of holidaymakers will be sensible enough to always use condoms when engaging in sexual activities. Anyone that has been careless and engaged in unprotected sex will be putting themselves at risk of infection.

Most that do end up displaying STI symptoms will not experience them until about two weeks after returning from holiday. Worryingly, with one of the most prevalent STIs – chlamydia – most infected people will be oblivious to actually having it due to no obvious symptoms. Approximately 50% of men and 70 to 80% of women will not experience any symptoms at all with the infection.

Symptoms of STIs can include:

. A pain or burning feeling when urinating.
. For women, bleeding between periods and/or after sex.
. Itching, blisters, sores or lumps on or around the genitals.
. Pain when urinating.
. Unusual discharge from your penis, vagina or anus.

Medical Specialists® Pharmacy provide treatments for many of the more common STIs such as chlamydia, gonorrhoea and genital herpes.

In addition, Medical Specialists® can provide almost 100% accurate pregnancy tests to be used in the privacy and comfort of a woman’s own home, a wide variety of condoms to suit different preferences, emergency hormonal contraception (morning after pill), other contraceptive pills, and the previously mentioned chlamydia test to be taken at home and posted off for a quick analysis and result, avoiding the time and embarrassment of having to personally attend a clinic for a check-up.

To obtain any prescription or antibiotic or contraceptive treatment, all patients must first undergo an online consultation with one of the GMC-registered doctors at Medical Specialists®, or send in a private prescription by post, obtained from the patient’s own doctor.

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