Want Viagra for Erectile Dysfunction? Ask the Wife first…

coupleImagine having to get written permission off the girlfriend or wife before requesting Viagra for male impotence from Medical Specialists®, it would probably deter men from coming to us to order and maybe invoke some debates about one’s civil rights.

However, this is a very real prospect over in the United States after a female politician proposed the ridiculous idea as a way to fire back at those planning to create new anti-abortion legislation.

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Study into Antibiotics Suggests Illegal ‘Online Pharmacies’ Still Clog Search Engines

tabletsA new study into antibiotic use suggests that many people are still facing the both dangerous and difficult task of sifting through the illegal pharmaceutical websites that are flooding Google and other search engines.

Often these illicit websites are posing as online pharmacies when in fact the grim reality could not be further from the truth.

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The Male Contraceptive Jab That Could Work for Two Years

vasalgelThe results of clinical trials involving monkeys as test subjects have created excitement about the possibility that male contraceptive jab could be on the horizon in the future.

Apparently more effective than the pill, ‘Vasalgel’ has the same end effect as vasectomy, however the jab should be reversible if the man decides he wants to have children at a later point, with a second injection in theory working to dissolve the gel plug.

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All You Need is Love!

happy coupleMedical Specialists® Pharmacy are sure all of our readers are aware that February 14th is Valentine’s Day and synonymous with numerous things…Gifts, flowers, chocolates to name just a few romantic gestures.

However, did anybody know that the same date is also National Condom Day? Originating from an AIDS support group in America during the late 1980’s, it is no coincidence that February 14th was chosen. Those behind the day believed that Valentine’s Day was an ideal choice with regards to promoting condom use and educating people about the importance of practicing safe sex.

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Hair Force One: Donald Trump’s Health Secrets Leaked by His Own Doctor

We at Medical Specialists® Pharmacy have yet to see Donald Trump come to us requesting treatments for any possible medical conditions he may have. However, perhaps the United States president should consider it.

Not only do we provide most of the treatments he supposedly takes, more importantly for him, we ensure the absolute utmost in patient confidentiality. It certainly seems this concept has been lost on those around Trump.

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