MHRA close down 1,600 illegal websites in medicines bust

keyboardFor a number of years Medical Specialists® Pharmacy – a safe, legitimate, fully registered online pharmacy with the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain (RPSGB) and the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) – have waged a war against the growing trade of illegal websites selling potentially fatal drugs.

Usually, these websites have been meticulously crafted together by crooks looking to make a quick buck from the unknowing customers that come to them. Often the websites pretend to be that of a real pharmacy, but in reality, there are no doctors, pharmacists, or anyone with a health-related background involved in the illegal ‘pharmacy’, and the medicines and usually poorly made counterfeits too.

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Alcohol consumption peaks at 25, according to new study

beer bottlesA new study carried out by researchers from University College London and other universities in the UK has provided a better insight into the nation’s drinking habits.

Researchers involved in the study collated information extracted from nine different studies involving almost 60,000 people to see if or how alcohol intake alters over the course of a person’s lifetime. The data they looked at incorporated both men and women around the UK born in different eras, from a 34-year period – 1979 to 2013.

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Medical Specialists® inundated with requests for smoking cessation treatment in the run up to No Smoking Day

No Smoking DayMedical Specialists® Pharmacy are proud to support this year’s national No Smoking Day, which will be taking place on 11 March.

For those not aware of its origins, No Smoking Day is an annual campaign that has been running since Ash Wednesday in 1983, when it was known as ‘Quit for the Day’, although despite the name, it is obvious this one day is intended to be a sampler / springboard for a longer-term and more permanent quitting of smoking.

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Acclaimed celebrity eyelash booster Lumigan now at rock-bottom prices from Medical Specialists®

lumiganIn the past, women wanting longer, thicker more prominent eyelashes were probably put off by the high prices charged from certain websites for the wildly popular treatments Lumigan or Latisse. These products are so effective in fact that there are countless celebrity users and endorsers that include Brooke Shields, Claire Danes, Helen Mirren, Jenny McCarthy and Mandy Moore, to name just a few, and millions more around the world have been desperate to get their hands on the products to have luxuriously boosted lashes just like their favourite celebrities.

In fact, even The Telegraph published part of an interview with Academy Award winning actress Helen Mirren last year, where she sang the praises of Latisse. She said: “Quite honestly. I don’t really know what a beauty routine is. But I love beauty products, and I’m always trying new ones. One thing I consistently use is Latisse. It really works, and if your eyelashes look great, you can let a lot of other things be cr*p.”

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Backlash against NHS scheme offering free condoms to 13-year-olds

condomThe NHS have been heavily criticised for offering a new scheme that offers free condoms, lubricant and sexual health advice to children as young as just 13.

The new ‘C-Card’ scheme is available to anyone aged between 13 and 24 years of age that meet certain criteria, and is being piloted by Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Trust in an effort to reduce the number of teenage pregnancies in addition to the number of youngsters catching sexually transmitted infections (STIs) such as chlamydia and genital herpes.

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