Could Deadly Brazilian Wandering Spiders Help Men in the Bedroom?…

spiderScientists believe that deadly Brazilian wandering spiders may help men achieve erections more efficiently than the little blue pill Viagra one day in the future.

Now if you are reading that sentence and thinking that an erection is the last thing you would want or actually get at the sight of such a spider, it is actually the venom inside the spider which could possess erectile benefits.

If victims (male) are bitten by the spider, they generally experience a four hour-long erection before succumbing to the venom and unfortunately dying.

However, experts are hopeful that one day this venom – minus the toxins that cause death – could solely help with erectile problems without causing issues.

Scientists studying Brazilian wandering spiders – also referred to as ‘banana spiders’ – believe that chemicals in its bite may one day be the basis for an erectile dysfunction treatment that is more effective than Viagra.

They have succeeded in refining the toxins and have put them into a gel. The treatment is in its infancy in regard to testing but so far has seen men achieve prolonged erections without harm to health or even their life.

The team from the Federal University of Minas Gerais managed to craft a synthetic version of the toxin so they assess its efficacy and “overcome the high toxicity” of the spiders venom.

Lab tests conducted on mice and rats with erectile dysfunction discovered the rodents were experiencing a swelling of the penis “lasting about 60 minutes” after the gel was applied to the genitals.

There appeared to be no pain or discomfort and the treatment seemed to be more effective than Viagra when given in combination, meaning it may work for men that have had no success with other medications.

Reporting in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, the authors noted that the compound PnPP-19 could become “a promising alternative for erectile dysfunction treatment”.

This is of course not the first time that deadly Brazilian wandering spiders have managed to get into the news within Britain, having previously hit headlines in the UK after being discovered among bananas, though many species are not poisonous to humans and mainly hunt small rodents.

Professor Maria Elena de Lima, who led the study, told The Sun: “We believe it could fill an enormous gap in the market and help millions of people worldwide.”

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Pensioners Given Free Condoms

The so called ‘baby boomers’ and pensioners will be given free condoms in an effort to stem the ride of increasing sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in the older generations.

The NHS campaign is the first of its kind and some may be surprised to learn it is targeting a demographic that may have believed their personal worries about catching such infections were a thing of the past.

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PHE Cervical Cancer Screening Campaign to Launch Next Month

The NHS Cervical Screening Programme has made a positive impact to cervical cancer mortality since its introduction in 1988, saving around 5,000 lives each and every year.

However, coverage is currently at a 20-year low. Data published in NHS Digital show that, at 31 March 2018, the percentage of eligible women – 25 to 64 year olds – screened adequately was just 71.4%.

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UK Childrens’ Asthma Worse Than Other European Countries

asthmaNew research indicates British children are more at risk of dying because of asthma than anywhere else across Europe.

The research has been laid bare in a report published by the Nuffield Trust and the Association for Young People’s Health (AYPH).

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Exciting New Premature Ejaculation Treatments!

Premature ejaculation (PE) is a condition that many men may feel embarrassed to discuss properly with their partner or a doctor, however it is a genuine health concern that should be treated.

Although PE is often more common in younger men, some older men also suffer with something that is highly frustrating for both partners and leaves one or both feeling quite unsatisfied.

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