Actor Adam Rickitt Discusses Hair Loss Battle

Former Coronation Street actor and one-time pop star Adam Rickitt has spoken of battle with hair loss and newfound confidence after restoring some of his locks, following a combination attack on his hair loss using Minoxidil, taking Finasteride, and trying laser therapy.

Adam was a huge heartthrob back in the late 90s and early 00s and had girls up and down the country swooning over him and his blond curtained style hairdo.

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Exercise Takes a Backseat to TV Binges

Have you ever spent an entire weekend watching TV and catching up on box sets? If this is you then some experts are concerned that watching TV is an unhealthy habit for your body.

Adults are spending eight times longer watching on-demand TV than exercising, a survey found. If that is something you enjoy doing spending time sitting around watching TV then why not exercise in-between adverts and that way it can help you lose weight and regular activity can improve your quality of life. Advertising and marketing on TV tends to increase intake of a range of unhealthy food products which can then lead to the increase risk of diabetes.

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Obesity Set to Overtake Smoking As Biggest Cancer Cause

obesityNew research suggests that one in ten new female cancer cases will be caused by excess weight by 2035, and this is only 2,000 less than tobacco currently. Therefore, it is worth considering the serious dangers of both obesity and smoking, as the former can be often overlooked.

These predictions were made using current statistics on obesity and smoking in UK adults.

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A ‘Hard’ Brexit Could Cause a Viagra Price Rise

viagraNo laughing there at the back, but there are genuine concerns that a possible ‘hard’ Brexit will cause a rise in Viagra prices for men around the country due to increased costs for Pfizer to make the little blue pills. Continue reading

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Stoptober 2018 – Why Should You Quit Smoking? Read On…

StoptoberWe are less than 3 weeks until the beginning of the annual Public Health England (PHE) stop smoking campaign ‘Stoptober’.

The campaign kicks off each year on 1 October and runs for a total of 28 days, coming to a close on 28 October. According to Cancer Research UK, tobacco is the leading cause of preventable death in the world, responsible for at least 16 different types of cancer.

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