Toxic Rat Chemicals Found in Super Soniic Male Impotence Capsules

Imagine going on the internet to look for erectile dysfunction treatment and coming across a supposedly ‘100% natural’ product with ‘no side effects’. You would be overjoyed, right?

Well, think again. For that same product may well contain rat bait chemicals. The Indian-manufactured ‘Super Soniic Capsule’ apparently “helps to overcome the problems of erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and increase ejaculatory control” It also enhances Vigor & Vitality according to the dubious claims on the website flogging them.

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The Superfoods You Should Consider for Rheumatoid Arthritis

blueberriesAdopting a healthier diet rich in certain foods could help to alleviate the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, according to new research.

Ginger, blueberries, olive oil and green tea are some of the ‘superfoods’ that may help to combat the painful and debilitating long-term condition afflicting the joints.

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‘Female Viagra’ Addyi Deemed a Failure as Drug Company Cuts its Losses

addyiCast your mind back to August 2015 when the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in America approved a drug called ‘Addyi’, excitement reached fever pitch about the new pill to boost female sexual libido, a pill that many were labelling as the ‘female Viagra’…though numerous health experts have criticised this description.

The History of Addyi

Boehringer Ingelheim were responsible for the development of ‘Flibanserin’, before it became known by its trade name of Addyi. However, this process somewhat came to an abrupt halt in October 2010 after a negative assessment of the drug by the FDA.

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Life Saving Tips on How to Manage Asthma at Winter

asthma at winterAs we enter November the temperatures should be beginning to drop harshly over the coming months. The elderly are particularly vulnerable at this time of year and that is why the NHS are persistently urging older people to make sure they obtain their free annual flu jab.

However, there are another group of people who may be feeling the effects of the colder air as we approach winter. According to the Met Office, the meteorological winter begins in exactly a months’ time, on 1 December 2017, but many of the 5.4 million asthmatics in the UK may already be experiencing a worsening in their symptoms as the mornings get noticeably colder.

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Former Pop Idol Heartthrob Gareth Gates has Hair Transplant

He was once known for his boyish good looks and thick spiky locks at the start of his career, but in recent years it has been obvious that 2002 Pop Idol runner-up Gareth Gates has been suffering with increasing hair loss.

Gates – who sold an impressive 3.5 million records in the UK – has previously tried to compensate for this by either wearing hats in public or having his hair styled in a longer quiffed look.

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