Teens Embarassed to Use Their Asthma Inhalers

asthmaThe fact over 5 million people in the UK have asthma means there is a strong possibility you will have a friend or family member with the lung condition. In fact, you may already be aware that there are numerous famous faces with asthma too.

Ask yourself, would you ever want to mock any of them for taking out their asthma inhaler and using it in front of you? It is very unlikely. After all, there is nothing out of the ordinary or funny about somebody using a potentially life-saving asthma inhaler.

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Can a Drug Really Reverse the Aging Process?

skin and scalpThe quest for better looking skin is one Medical Specialists® Pharmacy are familiar with, with thousands of people coming to us each year seeking help in improving the appearance of their skin, or trying to find an effective acne treatment.

However, there is exciting news for such people today with the news that scientists are working on a revolutionary anti-aging drug.

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World No Tobacco Day Highlights Huge Environmental Damage from Smoking

World No Tobacco DayToday – the 31st May – is the annual World No Tobacco Day. Pioneered by the World Health Organization (WHO), the stop smoking campaign aims to highlight just how tobacco can impact the development of nations around the globe, urging governments to bring in effective tobacco control measures. Such measures include the banning of tobacco marketing and advertising, promoting plain packaging of tobacco products, increasing excise taxes, and making indoor public places and workplaces smoke-free.

For those unaware about the intricate details of Medical Specialists® Phamarcy, we are a fully-registered online pharmacy based in Bury, Lancashire, and the NHS in our county are using World No Tobacco Day as way to urge people to think about improving their  long-term health by quitting smoking and thus prolonging their lives.

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The UK’s Hay Fever Hotspots are Revealed

hay fever hotspotsDo increasing temperatures and warm weather cause your eyes to itch, stream like the Niagara falls is emerging from the sockets, and uncontrollable sneezing like you’re in the middle of a potpourri factory?

If so, you are probably one of the incredible 13million people Britain who are all battling allergic rhinitis, more commonly known as hay fever.

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New Research Dispels Viagra Safety Concerns

viagraNew research has shattered any lingering myth that Viagra and other popular treatments for male impotence may increase the risk of a type of skin cancer known as melanoma.

The news will come as great news to men who wish to enjoy a happy, healthy sex life but have previously been put off seeking erectile dysfunction treatments for fear of unfounded rumours about potential side effects.

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