National Obesity Awareness Week 2015 encourages small changes now for long-term gains

National Obesity Awareness WeekMonday saw the beginning of National Obesity Awareness Week 2015, a campaign that aims to take back control of the nation’s spiralling obesity crisis, and, as many of us will have ‘weight loss’ as one of our New Year’s resolutions, there is no better time to act than now.

Alarmingly, around 25% of adults are deemed to be obese. According to NHS Choices, a BMI of 30 to 39.9 means you are considered obese, and the government claims that unless the problem is tackled, 60% of men, 50% of women and 24% of children will be obese by the year 2050.

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Have a gut feeling it’s more than IBS? Sufferers of SIBO flock to Medical Specialists® Pharmacy

SIBOSince Medical Specialists® Pharmacy added the antibiotic Xifaxanta (rifaximin) to their range of treatments for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), the requests for this medication – which is also used to both prevent and relieve the symptoms of traveller’s diarrhoea – has simply skyrocketed.

Xifaxanta might be unfamiliar to the majority people suffering with IBS as the drug was launched in the UK back in 2011 primarily for the treatment traveller’s diarrhoea associated with non-invasive strains of Escherichia coli (i.e. episodes not associated with fever).

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Mutating flu viruses linked to havoc at A&E departments

fluFlu rates have now reached their highest level than at any time in the previous three years, and doctors are blaming mutated forms of the flu virus that are not being protected against with the seasonal winter flu jab.

Strains of flu virus commonly naturally mutate, with changes being witnessed this year already within the US and Australia.

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Medical Specialists® Pharmacy inundated for Selincro requests for Dry January

selincroNow that the festive work office party, Black Friday, Christmas and New Year’s Eve are firmly out of the way, many will now be taking stock of exactly how much alcohol they have drank during the last few weeks, with some people undoubtedly thinking about cutting down on drinking.

With the beginning of a New Year, there is never a better time than now to put into action the process of reducing alcohol intake, or even stopping drinking for good, and much of the country will no doubt have ‘cut down on boozing’ near the top of their list of resolutions. Another popular choice of resolution is ‘lose weight’ and reducing alcohol intake can actually help to reach this goal due to the high amount of calories in alcohol.

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Graphic anti-smoking campaign targets users of roll-up cigarettes

smokeA new anti-smoking campaign has been launched by Public Health England (PHE), aiming to alert smokers to some of the lesser known damages to the body that smoking does.

Most of us are aware that smoking dramatically raises the risk of developing a whole range of types of cancer such as colon, mouth and throat, in addition to heart disease and strokes, but many people aren’t aware that smoking can also cause health problems such as osteoporosis and is detrimental to fertility levels.

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