Viagra for diabetes? Not as bizzare as it sounds…

viagraA new study has shown that wonder erectile dysfunction drug Viagra may help to stave off the onset of type 2 diabetes.

The Researchers involved in the study discovered that the medication sildenafil – commonly sold under the brand name Viagra – boosts insulin sensitivity in those people with pre-diabetes, in addition to decreasing a biological marker that signals an increased risk of kidney and heart disease.

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Thousands of Brits could have mycoplasma infection STI

mycoplasma infection Just when you thought you probably knew about all the different sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in circulation, a new one turns up and is now striking fear amongst health experts that there could be thousands of people living with the disease in the UK – and unaware of it.

Well, despite being commonly reported as a “new” type of infection…Mycoplasma genitalium (MG) – as the STI is being referred as – was first discovered back in the 1980s.

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Chris Evans and his Hair Loss

male_hair_lossMale pattern baldness will affect nearly half of men by the time they reach the age of 50, regardless of social class, race, etc.…that is the simple truth. Hair loss does not discriminate, and Medical Specialists® Pharmacy have reported countless celebrity hair loss stories over the years, such as Wayne Rooney’s very expensive hair transplant at a Harley Street clinic, Justin Bieber cheekily saying that Prince William should use hair loss treatment Propecia, and golfer Rory McilRoy teasing fellow pro Tiger Woods about his diminishing hair.

One story that seems to have resonated with the British public was the article Medical Specialists® published all the way back in 2011 about Chris Evans’ battle with hair loss, leading to a massive surge in traffic to the Medical Specialists® website from men wanting to combat their hair loss as well.

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Stoptober a major success in the North West

stoptoberManchester-based Medical Specialists® Pharmacy are thoroughly pleased to report that a record number of smokers in Greater Manchester managed to complete this year’s Stoptober challenge in October.

According to Public Health England, 33,129 smokers across the North West managed to abstain from cigarettes for the full 28 day period of the challenge, but the real challenge next will be for these people to maintain this momentum and remain smokefree to not only boost their health, but their pockets too…let’s not forget that cigarettes are continuously going up in cost.

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Medical Specialists® Pharmacy embrace Ask Your Pharmacist Week 2015

ask your pharmacist weekIn less than 1 week’s time will see the start of Ask Your Pharmacist (AYP) Week 2015, running from 9-15 November 2015. During past AYP weeks, there have been exhibitions, social media campaigns, opinion surveys by students, poster campaigns etc. to increase patient awareness regarding pharmacy as a healthcare resource.

The National Pharmacy Association (NPA) has published numerous videos, such as one that discusses the services patients can expect from their local pharmacy, in addition to information about pharmacy services which are useful for men, as previous AYP weeks have aimed to boost awareness for men’s health.

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