Asthma patients are missing vital annual reviews

inhalerA new review of GP data conducted by Asthma UK makes for an alarming reading, showing that over a million people suffering with the lung condition are not having vital annual check-ups – important in assessing if asthma medicine is being used in the correct way, to see if lung function has got better or worse, and to check if patient’s asthma inhalers are the most appropriate ones for them.

The new research conducted by Asthma UK discovered that 31% of asthma patients had not received an essential annual review to look at the suitability of their prescribed asthma medicine.

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World’s first Malaria Vaccine on target for 2015

malaria vaccineHealth experts are adamant that the the world’s first malaria vaccine will be available on the market by 2015 as another option for malaria prevention, after a hugely encouraging study showed that thousands of deaths could be prevented from the deadly disease.

Publishing their findings in PLOS Medicine, researchers involved in clinical trials of the drug RTS,S, reported that for every 1,000 children who receive the vaccine, around 800 cases of malaria could be prevented.

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How an obese sibling can leave the other at risk

Contrary to popular belief that a child’s obesity risk is more determined by their parent’s weight, it could be true that siblings have more of an impact on their brother’s or sister’s chance of becoming obese. This is according to the findings of a new study carried out in the US.

The research analysed information extracted from the national Family Habits Survey, finding that kids with obese siblings were five times more likely to be obese themselves, whereas children with obese parents were only twice as likely to also be obese.

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Revolutionary ‘VivaGel’ condom that kills HIV could be available in months

VivaGelAn Australian company have made ground-breaking progress in the fight to combat the worldwide problem of sexually transmitted infections (STIs), after gaining approval for their revolutionary new type of condom.

Australian bio-tech firm Starpharma have crafted a condom lubricated with antiviral ‘VivaGel’ which is able to destroy sexually transmitted infections, and the condom has now been given the green light by Australian Regulators.

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Don’t sweat it! – How to fight frustrating Summer acne breakouts

acne mechanicaIt’s kind of ironic isn’t it? The summer season is the time of the year when we want/need to bare the most skin, yet can also be the time when some of us suffer the most with acne breakouts.

For those who may have suffered with more acne breakouts lately than usual, perhaps the current glorious weather sweeping across the UK could be to blame.

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