6 Ways How Dry January Will Boost Your Life

Dry JanuaryWe are now over the half way point of the first month of the year, which also means that those taking part in ‘Dry January’ have passed the half way line and approaching the final stretch of their sober alcohol-free 31 days.

Dry January is the charity Alcohol Concern’s annual flagship campaign that urges the nation’s drinkers to ditch the booze, whilst simultaneously watching their waistline decrease and their bank balance get bigger! For the bigger spenders and drinkers amongst us, if you fritter away around £100 a week on alcohol, Dry January could save you £400, enough to put towards a fantastic holiday in the summer!

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Tips on How to Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions

New Year's ResolutionsWe are less than a week into 2017 and the best thing about a new year is that it is a fresh start. The beginning of a year is often viewed as the chance to go forward on a clean slate and an opportunity to right the wrongs of the past.

Yes, all the bad habits and things in our lives that are having a negative impact or no longer bringing up happiness can now be eradicated, instead adopting more positive changes to hopefully last for the long-term.

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Why Women Suffer with Acne after Teenage Years

skin and scalpThe chances are that most of us will have had to endure acne of some descript during our formative years, with acne in adolescence often causing great distress during school years.

After the spots eventually clear, it could be assumed then that we would be relatively spot-free for the rest of our lives, right? Well, this is not the case for some people.

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Can Listerine Mouthwash Kill Gonorrhoea Bacteria?

mouthCould cheaply bought gonorrhoea treatment be already sitting in your bathroom as we speak? This is the bizarre suggestion behind a new study published in the journal Sexually Transmitted Infections.

The highly popular Listerine mouthwash could be used as an inexpensive preventative method for the sexually transmitted infection gonorrhoea and curb the prospect of it spreading, according to research.

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Breathe Easy this Christmas – How to Manage Your Asthma Symptoms

christmas treeChristmas time is a period for giving, receiving, eating, drinking, and generally being merry with family and loved ones. Surely there is not a man, woman, or child who is not dreading the festive period? Well, think again.

It may be ‘the most wonderful time of the year’, but Christmas is just about at the top of the list for health hazards. Not only is it the peak period for colds, flu and rotten hangovers, but Britain’s 5.4 million asthma sufferers can face a particularly difficult time, having to contend with a wide range of different triggers.

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